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Deep jungle pussy punishments!

House of Taboo really takes it to another level with this HOT prisoner of war bondage scene featuring Tess and Shannon Reid! In the lush green opening scene we find Shannon Reid bound to some bamboo by her arms and legs and her nipples pinched between a couple of wooden torture twigs ( they are SWOLLEN and juicy from the pressure! ).
Tess shows up as her captor, looking ridiculously hot in some camo bikini and doo rag on her head, and the look on her face says she means business! With a bamboo switch she continuously taps Shannon's thighs and exposed cunnie over and over as well as smacking her nipples up before releasing them of their joyous anguish. Next is a wicked jungle spanking on Shannon's sunburnt ass, all the while groping and licking it as well! The delightful moans coming from Shannon will send your cyclops into spitter mode quickly, so beware! Tess, you are one hell of a commando, and I think I speak for us all when I pull out my soldier and coax YOU to command IT!!

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