Hole in one Pool Tourney!

Every guys fantasy come true here! Not only do you get TWO beautiful babes with outlandishly gorgeous bodies built for cock injections, but you get them in a bar, on a pool table! Sandra and Eufrat were closing up the bar and realized they were alone and extremely turned on. A friendly game of pool turns into a twat licking midnight treat, with full on face planting and sexy legs folded up over heads. The hot silver high heels on Eufrat would have you humping her legs and fucking her feet like a dog in heat if you were there! Sandra does an amazing job sucking on Eufrat's tiny pearl and then decided she needs a good stickin too! Wraps a condom on the pool stick and fucks her to fruition! You better chalk up your cue for these sexual shenanigans , because this ain't no hole in one !

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